Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney

There are more and more opportunities for misbehavior as technology advances. Unfortunately, more and more people are facing charges related to the Internet, child pornography and even video voyeurism.

The Rest Of Your Life

You are probably aware of the damage to your reputation that could follow, not to mention incarceration, fines and even lifetime sex offender registration. Your address, picture, and the crime of which you were convicted, will be available online for anyone to view. You could be re-arrested, too, if you neglect to re-register when you move.

What you need to know is what to do now. The most important thing is to call attorney Michael Jacques immediately at 208.344.2224. Whether or not you have been charged, the police may question you at any time, and their tactics are meant to obtain evidence against you.

Your Defense

Our goal is to defend you at every step. You are innocent until proven guilty! If the prosecution does not have enough legally-obtained evidence to convince a jury that you are guilty, with our help, you may avoid a conviction. Depending on the allegations, a “he said, she said” case may be all they have against you. If you are charged with possession of child pornography, they must prove it wasn’t someone else using your computer.

In other words, your attorney and your defense are as important as what did or did not occur in the past. We handle cases including:

Sexual Assault criminal defense boise
  • Lewd conduct
  • Sexual assault
  • Statutory rape
  • Child molestation
  • Indecent exposure
  • Date rape or acquaintance rape
  • Sexting or cell phone sex offenses
  • Internet sex crimes including child pornography
  • Juvenile sex offenses, including consensual sex between minors
  • Engaging in prostitution, acting as a pimp, or soliciting prostitutes

Police, prosecutors and the court system take sex crimes very seriously. Contact a serious Caldwell/Boise criminal lawyer. Call 208.344.2224.