Latest Testimonial

Latest Testimonial


Time and again I receive some feedback from past cases. It really is why I’m here and do what I do, for my clients. Being a Defense Attorney in Boise, Idaho has its rewards when receiving thoughtful reviews like this. I hope to make all of my future clients feel the same way and receive the same quality defense attorney service in Boise, Nampa or Caldwell, or wherever you need an attorney in Idaho.

“As I write my review of an outstanding Attorney I want to say thank you to Michael Jacques for his amazing work into my legal problems.
Mr. Jacques took me on at a moment’s notice with knowing I had court in just two days. Michael Jacques worked very hard to get all of the information in, ready to present, and help provide the truth.

Mr. Jacques conducted himself very professionally and it was very clear he wasn’t going to back-down or let things be pulled over on anyone or anything in my case.

Michael Jacques went above all to make sure that what was said is what was upheld in my case.

As my case is ending today, I would like everyone to know that Michael Jacques is most hard-working, understanding attorney. I am proud to have had him along my side through my legal problem. “

“Thank you”

-Robbie E.

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