Company and Owner of Hemp Seized in Idaho, Files Suit

Company and Owner of Hemp Seized in Idaho, Files Suit

One of the stories we have been following is the one about the hemp that was seized by the Idaho State Police here recently. This also happened in Oklahoma, in an almost identical situation. In both cases the drivers were transporting hemp from one legal producing state to another, but was yielded by officers through a traffic stop in-between. Though it seems that both occurrences were in states where hemp is illegal, that the seizure would be more cut and dry. Hence the seizure. But recently in December of 2018, a bill was passed called the Farm Bill, (H.R.2 – Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018). This bill did some great things for the agricultural sector and farmers in particular, but one crop that was highlighted was hemp. Due to hemp being declassified as a controlled substance and becoming a national commodity. This bill and now Federal law is what the owners of the Hemp in both cases are calling for as well as testing of the material.

Now the owner of the material seized in Idaho has filed a lawsuit to obtain the material back. It will be interesting to see how these cases unfold. Also could these cases change the legal landscape in regards to hemp and potentially CBD products in Idaho and other states altogether? Hemp will likely need to become legal in Idaho in some fashion, but in 2019? At least for the commercial transportation aspect of the law, likely.

Idaho Press -company files suit over- possible hemp seizure

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