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Hello, I’m Michael Jacques, your attorney working hard for you and your case. My years of experience and attention to detail are what help bring you the best result possible. I listen and thoroughly review your situation and get to know you as a person, not a case. I come from a compassionate and understanding position of helping you through your alleged crime. This enables me to get a true and clear picture of not only the case but you as an individual. Winning cases is great and I do it all of the time, But the best is when I get to know you, a great person that made a mistake. Just know, I’m here to help.


Having been in the local industry for years I know the ins and outs, who to talk to and how to talk to them. I am well known in the legal community and have an impeccable record. I hold myself to a higher standard of integrity and know the law better than most of my counterparts. I live for the stuff, it’s what drives me and so does you and winning your case.


Give me a buzz and let’s make things happen.


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