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If you are being investigated or may be under investigation for a crime that allegedly took place in Idaho, you should contact a well-qualified trial lawyer who focuses their practice focused on criminal defense work. You should never be unrepresented, it’s highly important and, without the proper advice, you could unknowingly talk yourself into getting charged, arrested and/or convicted. Though hiring a “general practitioner” is common, a lawyer who practices different types of law could also lead to trouble and not give your case the attention it deserves. Whereas a criminal-defense specialist will keep up on the latest Idaho laws, especially in criminal law — and would focus their attention on your individual case. You should also be aware that there are many things an experienced and skillful criminal defense attorney can do to resolve a criminal case before it results in charges and/or a trial, either of which could have a devastating effect on your life.


If you have already been charged, however, and you need someone who will do everything they can in order to fight for you, Attorney Michael Jacques and his criminal-defense law firm provide the best representation you can obtain anywhere, right here in Boise, Nampa and Caldwell Idaho.


At Jacques Law Office, we are ready to help you with all your criminal defense needs. As a former prosecutor, Michael Jacques brings a unique perspective to the firm. He has handled everything from petit theft to felony crimes.

An Attorney Can Help

We help people resolve a broad range of criminal cases including, but not limited to, those involving:

Assault & Battery

Very seldom are assault and battery cases and other violent crime cases handled like they’re portrayed on television.  It is true more often than not, that sometimes the police lack resources to persue the case to the fullest. It’s important having a defense attorney to gain alternative suspects, gain additional facts and help get your case dismissed or reduced significantly.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence allegations can be destructive to your life and shoudlnoyt be taken lightly. Know your rights and the team with the Boise defense attorney that knows the full extent of the law, Jacques Law.


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Sex Offense Crimes

Merely being accused of a sex-crime is devastating. If convicted, you may be subject to a long prison sentence and also face lifetime registration under the Idaho Sex Offender Registry laws. Gain a strong defense and work with an experienced defense lawyer in Boise, Jacques Law.


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Drug Crimes

Criminal charges involving drugs can result in serious life-changing concequences. Changes in difficult finding employment, maintaining financial obligations, court-mandated classes and or rehabilitation, just to name a few. Ensure your rights are protected by hiring a lawyer that will achieve the best outcome for your case, Jacques Law.


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Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a very serious crime in Idaho, in a state that hold some the highest penalties. Know that the full extent of the law is on your side, Jacques Law.


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DUI-Alcohol & Drugs

If you have been charged with DUI in Idaho, you should know your rights and retain an experienced and skilled Boise DUI lawyer to evaluate your case. With our high success rate in getting most charges reduced to a fair plea or dismissed altogether, know that Jacques Law has experienced knowledge and is well known in the Idaho law community.


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DUI-Breath, Blood & Urine Tests

Even if you have “failed” a Breathalyzer test, there are ways to fight a DUI charge in court. There are certain regulations with which the police must be comply before administering a Breathalyzer test.  It is important that you know what DUI rights you have in the state of Idaho and how they apply to different types of tests.


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Probation Violations

Whether you’re facing a felony charge or a misdemeanor charge, all criminal charges need to be taken seriously. When serving your probation certain actions can violate your probation and cause you to appear back in court.  Know what options are available and how you can possibly continue serving probation with minimal disruption.


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