Whether you were a bystander in a bar fight and found yourself arrested with a group of others or you were simply acting in self-defense, you could be facing serious jail time for an assault and battery conviction in Idaho. If you’ve been arrested, don’t feel embarrassed or discouraged — sometimes good people get caught up in a bad situation.

You need a good criminal defense lawyer to answer your questions and provide you with sound advice on how to get out of this as quickly and painlessly as possible. At Jacques Law Offices, in Caldwell and Boise, we listen closely to the needs of our clients and fight aggressively to protect their rights.

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At Jacques Law Offices, we defend clients from both misdemeanor and felony assault charges including cases involving domestic violence and weapons charges.

We go above and beyond to protect the interests of our clients. We attack the prosecution’s case from all angles and make sure your side of the story is clearly heard. You can count on us to convince the jury to look at your case from a human perspective.

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The consequences for an assault conviction are serious. If convicted, you are facing jail time, a permanent stain on your criminal record and probation. Even on misdemeanor convictions you could be looking at up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000. In addition, you may be forced to go through counseling or a mental evaluation.

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